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学生インタビューA. Richardさん(小松研究室 学部4年)

学生インタビュー<span>A. Richardさん(小松研究室 学部4年)</span>

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In my country we have shortage of teachers in the field of computer science. Most of the university teachers do not have doctorate degree qaulifications and this results in poor performance in research fields. I would like to obtain knowledge in this field so that i can one day go back home and teach at one of the univesrities. I like computers and this is why I chose to study in this department.
My current research is about personal identification using biometrics. In e-commerce and e-government, user identification is an important issue. Until now passwords and personal identification numbers have been used. However, passwords can be forgotten and easily leaked to the third party.

The use of an individual's physical characteristics (biometrics) such as face, voice, fingerprint etc. In my research we propose a versatile architecture for user identification devices (in this case IC card). Our proposed IC card will be vendor non dependent and we shall use multi modal biometrics to reduce the faulse rejection rate for users during personal identification. Our IC card will have multiple applications hence it can be used in e-government as well.
I would like to help my country develop in the field of computer science. I intend to encourage a few interested investors who can promote the IT industry in Malawi. Malawi being a developing country still has room for expansion. There is a huge market for the IT industry.
Waseda is one of the best universities in Japan with really hard working and great professors. I have never regretted my choice to study in Waseda. The school itself provides a better environment for it has all the basic utilities a student needs. The teachers are very kind and are always willing to assist foreign students whenever they do have problems. For the past 4 years i have had advice from some of the teachers who barely knew me.

Studying in Japan in a different language is not an easy thing. But with the help of the school staff and professors, i have managed to achieve my goal so far. I have always wanted to learn from the best, and so far Waseda has provided me with the best teachers. Most teachers do their reasearches jointly with private sector companies. This is a very good thing for us
students since it gives us a chance to know how meetings, business talks are conducted in the real world. It also helps us decide which companies to work for in the future.